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What can I ask for?

Consider everything that affects your life now and into the future.

How can you do this? Review the NDIS guide on being a participant .

Otherwise you can use the Planning Workbook to help.

What are your needs and goals?

Think about what support you need now to assist you with everyday tasks. This could be tasks around the house or getting out and about. For example how often do you use taxis, Uber etc. and how much do you spend.

When thinking of needs and goals also think about what may change. If your vision is changing you may need different things in a few months or years from now.

What is your life like now?

Think about your social activities or study or work. You may be able to change or improve things in your life with your plan. There may be things you’ve not thought of before like a new therapy or group through a provider.

What supports do you currently have?

Take a look at what programs and therapies you have had or are getting now. Your plan needs to include those things you currently get if you want them in the future.

How do I choose a provider?

There are many providers that may provide the support you need.

To help choose a provider think about what is important to you, what your goals are and how you think you would get there. You then need to think about the provider and ask:

  • How does the provider’s values align with my own?
  • How does the provider achieve positive outcomes for people with disability?
  • What practices or interventions are used and what evidence exist for these?
  • Where are services provided?
  • How are services provided?
  • How are person- or family-centred practices demonstrated?
  • How is the service or support value for money? Can the provider give examples?
  • What experience does the provider have in enabling people with disability to achieve their goals?

Providers are essentially delivering the same product, whether it’s therapy or another service. By asking more ‘how’ questions – you’ll quickly learn what is the right fit for you.

If you feel a support or provider is not helping you as much as they could, you can change provider. You don’t need to wait until your plan review.

What do I do now?

Video caption: Accessing the NDIS

You can download a transcript of this video here: Accessing the NDIS (DOCX, 18KB)

To access the NDIS, they need to know some information about you. Everyone will provide this information in different ways. You might be asked to fill in a form or answer questions over the phone.

If you currently get disability supports, your provider may be able to give this information for you. If you are not currently receiving supports, you will need to contact the NDIA when the NDIS is available in your area. You can find out when the NDIS is available in your area on their website: NDIS availability

Once the NDIA have this information, they will contact you to let you know if you are able to access the NDIS, and will also tell you what the next steps are.