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How do you change your plan?

If your situation changes significantly once you have started your NDIS plan, you can request a plan review. You can do this at any time by filling out the Change of Circumstances form found in the NDIS Change of Circumstances page. A plan can only be reviewed every 12 months.

You can request a review of your plan if changes occur to:

  • Your disability support needs
  • Informal support arrangements (i.e. family)
  • Compensation status
  • Your living situation i.e. move house, overseas or into a care facility

You can find out more on the NDIS Change of Circumstances page.

How do you get a decision reviewed?

If you are unhappy with a decision about the support budget(s) in your plan you can request a Review of the Plan Decision. (PDF, 180KB)

To find out more about requesting a review of your plan you can contact the NDIS on 1800 800 110 or visit the Internal Review of a Decision page on their website.