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What support can I get through the NDIS?

The National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) may fund supports to help you to communicate with others. For a support to be funded it needs to be linked to an outcome you have identified in your plan.

The types of supports that the NDIS may fund include:

  • Using the telephone to connect with others
  • Accessing the internet via a computer or tablet
  • Learning Braille
  • Obtaining specialised equipment
  • Development of skills to communicate effectively with others

The NDIS can pay for supports that are reasonable and necessary for you. This means they are related to your disability and are required for you to live your life and achieve your goals.

You can read more about reasonable and necessary supports on the NDIS website.

Who can provide this support?

Occupational Therapists and Assistive Technology Consultants provide support in identifying technology and specialised aids to help you manage all forms of communication.

Speech pathologists provide strategies to develop communication skills such as language, verbal expression and comprehension, and alternative ways to support communication.

What type of equipment is available?

Providers can conduct an assessment to identify the right equipment for you based on your needs.