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Parents / carers

For many National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) participants the views and experiences of their families will play an important part in helping them prepare for the NDIS, and to help them get going with their first NDIS plan.

Your views and experiences will be important in the planning process for the NDIS because you have a unique understanding of the person you care for.

If the person you care for requests it, you will play a vital role when the person you care for enters the NDIS, helping with decision making about ongoing support needs, goal setting, assessment, and the planning process.

What can I do as a parent / carer in the interview?

You can act as a nominee for the person you care for when they request it. If you are the guardian for a child accessing the NDIS you will be appointed the nominee.

What is a nominee?

A nominee has the duty to work out the wishes of the participant and make decisions that maximise the personal and social wellbeing of the participant.

There are two types of nominees:

  • Correspondence nominee
  • Plan nominee.

What can a nominee do?

Only the plan nominee can undertake all activities that a participant would undertake under the NDIS including the preparation, review or replacement of the participant’s plan.

What if I am a guardian?

The NDIA will work with a guardian in decision making in the same way they would work with parents and carers of participants who are under 18.

Do I need to be aware of anything else?

In the planning process planners will support participants to exercise choice and control over their supports and providers.