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Self-managing any part of your NDIS funding or budget gives you choice and control over the people that you pay to support you.

Video caption: Self managing your NDIS plan

You can download a transcript to this video here: Self managing your NDIS plan (DOCX, 18KB)

How do you pay providers?

You can select a preferred service provider and claim the expense through the NDIS. There are three options to pay providers:

Option 1

Self-managed participants can negotiate with providers to pay invoices within seven to 30 days as part of their service agreements.

Option 2

Self-managed participants can submit a payment request prior (within one week) of receiving the support if the participants have an established service agreement and the provider requires payment on day of service.

Option 3

A self-managing participant can choose to pay a service provider upfront and claim the expense back through the scheme.

The NDIS will typically pay claims, once received, within two to four days.

Can I change how my budget is managed?

You can change between agency managed and self-managed at any time. This does not have to happen when you plan is reviewed.

Where can I find out more?

To find out more about managing your own budget see the NDIS website: Self managing budgets in your plan

The NDIA finance team run self-management workshops for potential and current NDIS participants on understanding self-management.

You need to register to attend these workshops. To RSVP email the NDIA at or call 08 9235 7200.